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535 DeGods NFTs Relaunched on Bitcoin Blockchain

535 DeGods NFTs Relaunched on Bitcoin Blockchain

One of the most popular Solana NFT project, DeGods has been relaunched on the Bitcoin blockchain.

The team that burnt 535 DeGods NFTs on the Solana blockchain has moved the project to the Bitcoin network. The news comes after seeing the success of Ordinal NFTs minted on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Bitcoin’s Ordinal protocol now allows the NFT projects to be moved to the network. The NFTs are inscribed permanently on the Bitcoin Blockchain thereby allowing the assets to be minted on the Bitcoin network.

According to reports by Decrypt, Frank (DeGods founder) said,

“Bitcoin is the best brand in crypto—just as pristine as it gets, it’s the most well known, and truly as simple but powerful as it can get…Aligning ourselves with the best brand in crypto is a no-brainer at any given point in time.”

DeGods team along with Luxor Technologies CEO, Nick Hansen inscribed 535 DeGods NFT into the Bitcoin network. Meanwhile, the team said the 535 NFTs will be rolled out as ordinals. They didn’t offer any details about the mint date.

In the meantime, you can check out our Polygon NFT Calendar to stay updated about upcoming NFT drops and events.

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