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Baobab Studios Debut NFT Momoguro Sold Out in 9 hours

Baobab Studios Debut NFT Momoguro Sold Out in 9 hours

Baobab Studios, a leading interactive animation studio, and a nine-time Emmy award winner have made a massive debut in the web3 space with the launch of its first-ever NFT project Momoguro: Holoself.

On the first day itself, Baobab’s NFT project garnered about $7.6 million in 12K sales according to NFT data aggregator CryptoSlam. On the other hand, the 8,888 Holoself avatars minted on the Ethereum blockchain sold out within nine hours.

Award-winning Argentine director and screenwriter, Nico Casavecchia and multimedia director and animator Martin Allais created a colorful fantasy universe of Momoguro comprising creatures inspired by the popular Tibetian dish Momos. The creatures can be combined into hybrid characters. Besides launching non-fungible tokens, the Momoguro NFT project will roll out a role-playing game where players can complete quests to unlock Momos characters.

Momoguro RPG will be built on top of Immutable X and is anticipated to be launched in Q2 of 2023. Meanwhile, the crunch base’s data state, Baobab has raised more than $31 million in total funding from prominent companies such as Disney, Samsung, and Comcast.

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