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Captain Tsubasa NFT Sale Starts Today!

Captain Tsubasa NFT Sale Starts Today!

Today is a big day for anime fans as the Non-fungible token collection of the popular anime series Ball is Our Friend is going to drop featuring Captain Tsubasa. The team has chosen Japanese soccer legend Shinji Kagawa as the NFT project’s ambassador.

Captain Tsubasa NGFT drop will go live on March 2 at 2 am PST where whitelisted users can mint limited-edition gold NFT for 0.08 ETH and at 4 am PST public sale will begin where the price of an NFT token will be 0.01 ETH for each piece. Every user who successively mints three or more NFTs will obtain an additional NFT for free.

The anime-themed NFT drop, Captain Tsubasa is the first of its kind promoting charity and the Japanese soccer anime niche. The collection comprises 283 popular scenes from the series. In addition to this, the NFT project also features 333 moves carrying Yoichi Takashi’s original illustration style.

The NFT project aims to bring soccer fans across the globe together with the “World Peace Through The Power of Soccer” project. Double jump.tokyo, a Japanese startup is behind this anime project.

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