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Gala Games X PokerGO to bring Web3 Poker

Gala Games X PokerGO to bring Web3 Poker

One of the finest blockchain gaming studios, Gala Games has collaborated with PokerGO, a poker streaming network to develop an immersive Web3 social poker game named PokerGo Play.

According to a report by Game developers, the game is scheduled to be released for beta test next month. The game brings Web3 technology and social interaction into the place to offer an immersive online poker experience.

Both PokerGO and Gala Games combined expertise helped in developing PokerGO Play, a thrilling online poker game platform where players can obtain rewards during the gameplay, allowing users to upgrade their characters while offering cutting-edge Web3 development capabilities.

PokerGO Play will be sponsoring PokerGO thereby unveiling new marketing opportunities that incorporate major events such as the prestigious World Series of Poker and strengthening its venture in the poker community.

The news about PokerGO Play comes following the release of the Genesis NFT collection. The poker game comes with a floor price of 0.1 ETH and a total transaction of 52 ETH.

In the meantime, you can check out our NFT Calendar to stay updated about upcoming NFT drops and events.

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