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Pacsun x Roblox to offer Metaverse Experience

Pacsun x Roblox to offer Metaverse Experience

American retail clothing brand, Pacsun has partnered with a popular game company, Roblox Corporation to expand its presence into the metaverse.

Through Web3 experience: Los Angeles Tycoon, Roblox aims to offer a delightful experience. This is one of the first types of game based on the Roblox blockchain where users can create real-life city maps comprised of minute details of Pacsun.

In the Los Angeles-themed setting, players can accomplish several quests, and obstacle courses and explore Easter eggs. The metaverse experience will allow users to build several famous locations on the blockchain. Each of the regions starting from Santa Monica to Hollywood and Downtown LA will unlock an area for virtual Pascsun stores that include exclusive merch for the community and several other exciting prizes.

Pacsun’s Co-CEO, Brie Olson said,

“Following positive consumer response to both PacWorld and our seasonal catalog of clothing offering on Roblox, we recognize the importance to expand our presence on Roblox and continue to offer our community new build experiences,”

Pacsun x Roblox partnership promises to offer an exciting metaverse experience on Roblox. The game developer already boasts having more than 2M community members and over 15+ games released. Being one of the leading fashion retailers since the 1980s, the partnership will boost the studio’s popularity.

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