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Power of Women NFT to Drop on Mother’s Day

Power of Women’s NFT is coming to the Web3 with banger drop ‘The Mother & Child’ by Leah Ibrahim Sams and a partnership with Lilyillo, well known AI artist.

Tezos blockchain-based Power of Women NFT project is inspired by the creators’ mothers and is a perfect gift for this Mother’s Day. The project showcases the loving bond between mothers and their children.

Reportedly, AI NFT artist Lilyillo and Power of Women’s founder Leah Ibrahim Sams spent about two weeks sketching the artwork bringing their visions to life. The NFT comprises the creators’ childhood memories.

“I am a mother of two children myself. Raising children is hard and rewarding. It is joyful and anxiety-rich, happiness and surrender,” said Lilyillo. “This means setting forth new humans to see what they’ll meet, and how they’ll get by. It is a harrowing longing for their security and safety. I tried to capture this balance in my portrait of The Child, which is informed by a personal photo of Leah and her mother.”

The Mother and Child NFT collection comes in 100 editions and will be available on the Objkt platform.

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