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Renault x RACING SHOE5 NFTs Venture in Web3


Renault, one of the finest French car manufacturers, is dropping a new NFT collection after its massive success on its first NFT launch.

Renault is diving into the new project with the NFT collection ‘RACING SHOE5 NFTs’ and sneakers in R5 Turbo colors. Web3 R3NLT community crafted the last batch of digital and tangible goods thereby showing the importance of community participation in the Web3 space.

RACING SHOE5 NFTs include six unique designs including five classic R5 Turbo models. The sneakers feature laces inspired by the seat belt and upholstery-influenced interior to the inclined rear illustrating the chassis of the R5 Turbo car. Meanwhile, Renault said it is using the best-verified leather in the sneakers to add an eco-friendly touch.

Additionally, to offer authenticity, Renault has embedded NFT chips into its physical products. The chip includes blockchain data containing info like the materials used in the shoe, composition, and manufacturing traceability. Providing such data boosts customer confidence, loyal, and trust thereby resulting in higher sales. Though Renault is offering early access to the upcoming mint of RACING SHOE5 NFT, it will be available to the general public till May 17.

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