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UNDEADS METAVERSE: Web3 Game Coming Soon

UNDEADS METAVERSE: Web3 Game Coming Soon

The next-gen P2E(play-to-earn) game, Undeads Metaverse, will soon come to the Web3 space. Multiplayer MMORPG game offers a feature-rich gaming experience where the players can earn cryptos while playing this survival game.

The Undeads game includes a world where the zombies roam freely, and the player needs to kill them to survive. Early game adopters will obtain rewards and bonus incentives, which can be minted later to obtain additional features like antidote NFT and exclusive access to a private discord server. Furthermore, holders of Undeads Zombies NFT will get an exclusive chance to win Yuga Labs’ Blue Chip NFTs (up to 3 tokens) and Undeads Merch Box.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic metaverse, where humans fight with zombies in combat action. Consisting of 6666 characters, each faction( Zombies and Humans) has unique skills and appearances. When completely operational, the non-fungible token collection will bring vitality to the Undeads ecosystem (when completely operational).

The playable characters in the game are NFTs rendered in 3D graphics and will be there with you while you are crafting, grinding, or battling to create your in-game world. Additionally, these NFTs are dynamic in nature thereby allowing the metadata like Player score, level, and durability of the in-game items can be updated according to the users’ gameplay.

Undeads Zombies NFT on OpenSea

In the Undeads metaverse, the players can earn rewards using multiple ways. The first option is to grind the resources recommended for patient players, as it requires both time and expertise. Another option is to craft the items and then make a profit by selling these items on the marketplace.

Moreover, marketplace investors can trade the assets and gain profits. Besides this, landlords can charge fees for game interactions near their property premises. As and when the players acquire a plot of land in the Undeads Metaverse, their stake in the universe increases, thereby offering the owner the power to make decisions while changing the in-game economy.

Last but not least, adventurers can battle in Player vs Player mode and gather items from defeated opponents, making the battle exciting.

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