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WBD Sports to make its Debut in NFT Space

WBD Sports to make its Debut in NFT Space

Warner Bros’ sports division, WBD sports is making an entrance in the NFT Space with the launch of the sports NFT collection.

Good news for sports fans as they can now create unique digital assets and celebrate their favorite sports. Last year, WBD Sports offered a glimpse of the metaverse experience and now it is aiming to move forward with the launch of non-fungible tokens.

As a part of its milestone Warner Bros Discovery Sports has collaborated with NextHash, a well-known blockchain platform, and financial services provider to expand its digital presence and leverage the current trying crypto landscape.

Besides the NFT launch, WBD Sports is set to launch a security token portfolio comprising NFT in various sports including a few ones created by International artists. The NFTs will be showcased in WBD’s promoted sports events. And, the collections will be available in the Opensea marketplace.

With a monthly user base of more than 130 million, WBD Sports provides sports content on Discovery+ and other free-to-air channels. Additionally, it also offers content on Eurosport, BT Sport, and Golf Digest.

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